Grades 7-12Grades 5-6
8:50Warning Bell8:50
8:55Report to Religious Exercises or Pd. 1 Classroom8:55
9:00Warning Bell9:00
9:03Announcements / "O Canada" and Pd. 1 Class9:03
9:40Class Change for Pd. 29:40
10:15Break Begins10:15 Recess Begins
10:25Pd. 3 Begins10:30
11:00Class Change for Pd. 411:00
11:35Class Change for Pd. 511:35
12:10Lunch Hour Begins12:10
12:30 Outdoor Recess
1:05Warning Bell1:05
1:10Pd. 6 Begins1:10
1:45Class Change for Pd. 71:45
2:20Break Begins2:15 Recess Begins
2:30 Pd. 8 Begins2:30
3:05Class Change for Pd. 93:05
3:45Buses Leave3:45