Mission Statement…

School Mission Statement Niverville Collegiate’s staff and students are committed to working co-operatively within the community to develop well-rounded, life-long learners in a safe, respectful and positive learning environment.

Education at NCI Education is a life-long process. Here at NCI we want to stimulate an avid interest in learning for the sake of personal development for all of our students. We highly encourage parents and their children to sit down and discuss the educational goals that each student wishes to accomplish for this school year. Studies have shown that students who participate in setting their own learning goals in the classroom are consistently more motivated and self-directed. Students take learning more seriously, in part because they recognize the personal benefits of their efforts.


Within our NCI culture, students and staff are encouraged to develop and grow according to four core beliefs: C – Contribute to a positive and safe learning community A – Act responsibly R – Respect yourself, others and your environment E – Enjoy the journey – Dream big! NCI CAREs promotes an atmosphere of self-reflection and accountability as well as an environment conducive to academic and social growth.

Our NCI Kid…

NCI has embraced a divisional initiative called “Our Kid.” that looks at the characteristics and qualities that we would like to see in our students once they’ve successfully completed their schooling at NCI. Through various collaborative opportunities involving all school stakeholders, the following have been identified as attributes we want to see develop in our students as they progress from grades 5 through 12 and beyond: Values: Respect, Integrity, Responsibility Skills: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Self-Management Dispositions: Empathy, Teachability, Self Confidence Knowledge: Literacy, Numeracy, Health & Wellness

About Us…

  • 40 teachers and 12 EAs & support staff work with two administrators in a grade 5 – 12 setting that provides a multifaceted education for 615 students.
  • NCI offers the French language option.
  • Technology Ed. & Home Ec. classes are offered to our grade 7-9 students for 3 periods/cycle. Introduction to Home Ec. and Tech Ed. Mini course is offered to our grade 5 & 6 students.
  • Students from grades 7-12 are active in the Band Program. Non-band students are enrolled in Art (Gr.7 & 8), Futures & Start Your Own Business (Gr.9), Retailing (Gr.10), Visions & Ventures (Gr.11) and Law (Gr.12).
  • The Student Council acts as a liaison between staff and the student body. It provides opportunities to develop skills in leadership and committee participation.
  • Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) is a student based group that visits other schools to educate students about the negative effects of tobacco use. Our SWAT team is highly regarded locally, and provincially.
  • Students Working Around the Globe (SWAG) is our school based group that helps to promote sustainability and social justice awareness with respect to local, provincial, national and global issues.
  • NCI works closely with the Parent Advisory Council, Band Boosters and the Town of Niverville.
  • Our school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities: athletics, drama, music and student leadership opportunities.

Principal: Michael Koester   mkoester@hsd.ca

Vice-Principal: Craig Cumming   ccumming@hsd.ca

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