Good afternoon Parents/Guardians of Gr 5-8 Students:

This is a reminder that NCI is a closed campus for Grade 5-8 students.

As the weather gets warmer, we are seeing a growing number of students waiting to use the phone to ask their parent/guardian, if they can leave school property during lunch time. Please be advised that effective next week, we are unable to accept verbal permission over the phone.

Please note you have already signed the lunch time permission granting permission for your son or daughter to go off campus at lunch.  The options were to grant permission all year or to grant permission when you emailed or sent a note to school.

Please speak with your child about planning ahead, if they wish to go off campus during lunch time.  Please be advised that every student going off campus during lunch time is still required to sign out at the office, regardless of the permission you have granted.

Thank you for your help, as we strive to do our part to keep our students safe.

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