Manitobans are now able to receive emergency alert messages about situations such as
tornadoes, wildfires, flash floods or Amber Alerts directly on their wireless devices. Wireless
public alerting is part of Alert Ready, a national initiative that provides emergency management
organizations across Canada with a standard alerting capability to rapidly warn the public of
imminent or unfolding threatsto life-safety. The Alert Ready system delivers emergency alerts to
the public by radio, cable and satellite television, websites and now to compatible wireless
devices on Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks in areas affected by emergencies or disasters.

On Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 1:55 p.m., the Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization
(EMO) will be sending out an emergency alert test message across Manitoba. This will be the
first time an Alert Ready public awareness test message will go to compatible wireless devices.

As this test emergency alert will take place during the school day, I encourage you to ensure that
your schools are made aware. These tests are intended to create public awareness and provide
broadcasters with an opportunity to ensure their alerting equipment works as planned.

On compatible wireless devices on LTE networks, the emergency alert will begin with a distinct
tone (the Canadian Alert Attention Signal), a vibration and then a visual emergency alert banner
will display followed by a message text. The system is expected to respect wireless device settings
(i.e. a compatible wireless device set to silent will display an emergency alert, but no sound will
accompany the emergency alert message). However, this behaviour can differ depending on your
wireless device and in some instances, the alert sound may override your user settings.

To learn more about Alert Ready go to and to learn more about emergency
alerts in Manitoba go to

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