2017 – Christmas Hamper Raffle Basket Fundraiser

Student Council and NCI would like to thank all of the donors for this very worthy cause.

List of Winners:

  1. Bundle Up Basket: Ms. Erica Scott
  2. Popcorn Basket: Ms. A. Happychuk
  3. BSI Basket: Candise Gugenheimer
  4. Gift of Health Basket: Mr. Richard Toews
  5. Hockey Card Basket: Mr. Craig Cumming
  6. Breakfast Basket:  Ms. Cheryl Horn
  7. Pizza Night Basket: Candise Gugenheimer
  8. Wm. Dyck Basket: Mr. Craig Cumming
  9. Chips & Dip Basket: Lisa Zeilstra
  10. Italian Night Basket: Mr. Craig Cumming
  11. Norwex Basket: Ms. Cheryl Horn
  12. Kitchen Supplies Basket:  Ruby Wiens
  13. Kitchen Supplies / Eipcure Basket:  Lisa Zeilstra
  14. Toy Basket: Crystal Bornn
  15. Tassimo Machine: Keenan Doerksen
  16. Game Day Basket: Felicia Torchia
  17. Cooking Basket: Penny Savard
  18. Arts & Crafts Basket: Lisa Sakwi
  19. Picture Frames Basket: Don Doerksen
  20. Wood Models Basket: Chantelle Dueck
  21. Kids Basket: Elaine Penner
  22. Crystal Basket: Christina Gugenheimer
  23. Water Level Basket: Elaine Kehler
  24. $100 Bigway Bucks: Leisa Funk
  25. Done Hair Basket: Julie Jiggins

All prizes can be claimed at the NCI main office.

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