Good afternoon graduating students:

This is just a “heads up”.

As you get prepared to wrap up your final year and look forward with anticipation to graduation, we would like to remind you to “clean up” before you go. Specifically, we are referring to your HSD/NCI Google account.

In July, all school google accounts for students leaving HSD will be terminated. At that time you will lose your email account as well as all files in your google drive. If you want to retain this for future use, we suggest one of the following options:
Download your Google Drive. Simply open up your google drive on your browser and download all files/folders to your personal computer. Google docs/sheets/presentations are converted to Microsoft word/excel/powerpoint files in the process. This will not retain your school emails.
Use your personal gmail account. If you do not have one, you can easily create a personal gmail account for no cost.
Once you have set up your personal google account, you can transfer all data (files/folders and email) from your school account to your personal account. To complete this process, login to your school google account, and then go to the following google page:
On that page, simply follow the steps to transfer your information to your personal gmail account.

Please remember to complete this data transfer by July 1 as your school google accounts will terminate at some point during the month of July.

(Note: account termination only applies to students leaving HSD. All accounts for returning students continue without interruption.)

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