Dear Parents & Guardians of Grade 9 and 10 students,

Your child recently received a Chromebook, which supports Deeper Learning through a personalized student-centred learning environment.  The Chromebook is a supportive online learning tool, for use in the classroom and at home. With any Internet access, there is potential for students to stumble across harmful content or become distracted by videos, games, social media, and more.

To protect our students and encourage educational use, HSD has purchased GoGuardian, an advanced web filtering and activity monitoring service for Chromebooks.  GoGuardian keeps students safe when they are online, at school and at home.  This service cannot be turned off by students, and operates in the background regardless of device location. Safety and security measures include:

Web Content Filter – Customizable protection against harmful or distracting content

  • Advanced YouTube Filter – Granular control over which videos and comments students can see
  • Flagged Activity – Recognize concerning behavior based on customized terms and keywords
  • Theft Recovery – Quickly locate Chromebooks that have gone missing
  • Off Network Filter – GoGuardian provides around-the-clock protection for students away from school

HSD is confident in the effectiveness of this product for our Chromebooks, but we also recognize that there are no perfect Internet filters.  For that reason, Students are educated regarding online safety and best practices of digital citizenship, and we encourage all parents/guardians to engage in discussion with their children on such matters.

Please visit for further information regarding Chromebook use, digital citizenship, or to view our Responsible Use of Technology Agreement. Additional information regarding GoGuardian can found at

If you have additional questions, please contact the school office at your convenience.

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