THE STORY: Hollywood entertainer Sheridan Whiteside (Brett Zacharias), having dined at the home of the Stanleys, slips on their doorstep, breaking his hip. He is confined in their home for the six weeks of his recovery. The Stanley living room is monopolized by the cranky invalid.  Ex-convicts are invited to meals and the arrival of strange gifts and crazy friends further destroys domestic tranquility. When Maggie (Abby Fox), his secretary, falls in love with the reporter, Bert Jefferson (Ben Driedger), Whiteside summons a glamorous actress, Lorraine (Hana Stott), to win the affections of the young man. Maggie then enlists the aid of a clever impersonator who pretends to be Lorraine’s crush, Lord Bottomly, and asks her by phone to marry him. The ruse almost works, but Whiteside discovers the truth. In revenge, Lorraine renews her efforts to win Jefferson.  Whiteside feels bad for Maggie. The unexpected arrival his Hollywood buddy, Banjo (Jackson Loepp), and a mummy case gives him a malicious idea. This humorous play features 18 of our finest NCI actors who pull out all the stops to provide an evening of marvelous entertainment.

THE DATES: May 25 – 27 at 7:00 p.m.

THE COST: $5.00 at the door

in: General