This week is EARTH WEEK at NCI, ending with Earth Day on Friday, April 22nd.  As such our SWAG team has planned a great week of activities!

Monday- Friday: Litterless lunches- spot checks of students with completely litterless lunches and they will get a ballot to be drawn for prizes based on their participation.  They can earn a ballot each day and turn it in in the ballot box at the front office.

Tuesday- Chalk it Up day!  At lunch hour we will have chalk available for sidewalk drawings of environmental images.  If you have chalk at home, You are encouraged to please bring it to share so we will have lots of supplies!

Wednesday/ Thursday-  Earth wellness movies will be shown in three classrooms:  The Lorax in Mrs. Van Den Brul’s Hut, WALL-E in Mrs. Toews-Neil’s class, and Planet Earth in Mrs. K’s Hut.  These will continue on Thursday so they can be completed.

Friday- Wear Royal Blue or Bright Green!  We will be having an Earth Walk around the school yard and would like to encourage all staff and students to participate and get out for a walk with friends that day!

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